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Our Story and Humble Beginnings

Dylan Kough (pronouced like the bovine) had ambitions of being a mobile restaurant owner as early as summer of 2007.  Before they were cool.  And before he even had a Bachelor's Degree. He had every intention of importing housemade bratwurst from a country store in rural western Michigan to resell in Bethesda, MD for a pre-college summer job.  However, when looking into the costs and regulations involved in mobile food sales, the red tape and regulation he had to step through was overwhelming for a kid with no money and no business acumen.  He vowed to revisit the idea at some point in this life.


Fast forward six years, two Bachelor’s degrees, three years financial consulting experience and a CPA certification later, and Dylan was ready to revisit his dream.  Everyday he sat in the office, he watched all of the food Trucks assemble at Farragut Square, living out his longtime dream.  He had had enough.


A longtime BBQ-eating enthusiast, Dylan visited Kansas City in 2011 to experience the pinnacle of the craft that he so enjoyed.  When he came back to DC, post-BBQ blues immediately set in.  He realized there were very few BBQ representatives in the DMV.  The rest is history.


He purchased his smoker to begin learning more about barbecue in 2012, and had developed a rock solid dry rub after tirelessly experimenting all summer.  Still searching for a concept, and completely fed up with the lack of accessible and delicious barbeque in Maryland, Dylan began searching DC and Virginia.  The lack of barbeque restaurants was astonishing, and worse than the quantity was the quality.  Enter Smoking Kow.


Dylan knew, however, that simply putting out a good product would not be enough.  One day, between bites of a soggy pork sandwich in Bethesda the taco idea came to him.  He knew there was a reason approximately all of the food truck scene in D.C. consisted of Korean gui - the tortilla is the perfect vessel for holding deliciously juicy and saucy meats!


With the concept in place, Dylan spent his days working Federal Consulting, and his nights and weekends learning how to scratch make tortillas, perfecting sauce recipes, and experimenting with cooking techniques and rubs to produce the most succulent BBQ the DMV had ever seen.  



Owner/Operator/Smoke Master: 

Dylan "Kow"


Dylan is a University of Maryland - College Park graduate with degrees in Finance and Accounting, and a doctorate in Barbeque from Smoker's U. Dylan also has an active Certified Public Accountant license in Maryland. His education and business experience allow him to run the business side of things smoothly, so the food side of things never has to suffer.


Since having success launching Smoking Kow BBQ, Dylan has begun a food truck consulting business to help other dreamers in the area to launch a truck of their own and began franchising Smoking Kow to other cities to spread the goodness!



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